Getting to Know Some Important Things about Web Design

Getting to Know Some Important Things about Web DesignWeb design involves a specific set of tools and technologies. There are many kinds of tool involved with the activity and their roles depend on the part of process they are used in. Tools for web design are updated regularly over time with addition of newer standards and software. The only thing that remains the same with them would be the basic principles. Graphic editors of both raster and vector types are used by web designers to come up with web-formatted prototypes of imagery and design. Creating websites involves technologies such as W3C standards including CSS and HTML. These standards can be hand-coded or WYSIWYG-generated.

The content of websites can be statically or dynamically generated. Static websites store unique files for each page. The same content would be returned whenever a page is requested. Said content was created once during the process of designing the website. The content would be authored manually but some websites resort to automated process. The latter method became popular in 2015 when software such as Adobe Muse and Jekyll popped up. A static website can be hosted in a much simpler way because its server only serves static content. Pages can be served quickly and server hardware costs much lower.

Dynamic websites use server-side technology to generate pages and the generating process is done on the fly. The content of these websites is extracted from at least one back-end database. When a dynamic website is designed, static pages are often used to create the mockup or the wireframe of the dynamic pages. Dynamic pages call for a skillset that is much broader than static pages. Typical languages used to develop dynamic web pages are ASP, PHP, or Perl. PHP and ASP use template approach: a server-side page that looks just like the structure of a complete page on the client side is used and data would then be inserted into the page using tags as guides.

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