Latest GPU-Z Software Update Now Can Detect Fake Graphic Cards

Latest GPU-Z Software Update

The GPU-Z software that we usually use to see more detailed specifications about the graphics card on a PC or laptop now has the latest update that is quite surprising. Manufacturers add features that can detect fake graphics cards, especially from the NVIDIA GPU that “looks” the same, but in reality is different. This could be a solution for those who are not sure about the authenticity of their graphics card, because it was once a form of crime for fraudsters who redesigned fake graphics cards into features that were almost similar to what they were imitating.

In the past, graphic card fraud often occurred when mining cryptocurrency exploded, where almost all graphics card stock continued to thin out, even the price offered was very high. Here, the criminals take advantage of the situation, and somehow, they manipulate the old graphics card to be detected as the choice they imitate. In fact, to tempt further potential victims, these criminals put a price that is much cheaper compared to the original series.

For example, as revealed by the WCCFTech website, they found a $ 45 Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, even though there is a much higher price for the former. Well, that’s where the important part of the latest update from GPU-Z software. TPU has finally updated the latest version of GPU-Z to detect this fake GPU, and may be able to help people who have been deceived in an attempt to clarify the situation that they have been tricked.

In the detailed specifications there will be a clear note that this is obviously fake. In addition, we can tell the sellers to include the details of the VGA specifications through the latest GPU-Z, although sometimes the effort can be done for a long time by the seller. Apart from all that, this can be very good news, to at least add to our insight into the affairs of the graphics card, although this will not rule out the possibility that they will be criminalized again in the same way. What’s more, the latest software update also has additional features.

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