Some Recommended App of Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

As a photographers or designers, software or app of image and photo viewers are needed. This kind of software is useful and helpful partners in working with images and photos. Of course, each operating system has default software or app for this function. However, sometimes the default app does not provide you with complete features, so you will need additional app to work with those images. In this case, there are some recommendation of applications for image viewers. The good news is that the software recommended below is free to download.

The first one is FastStone Image Viewer. This image viewer is great choice for its functions and compatibility. This software is compatible for Windows platform and this range is quite fantastic. This software can work in Windows 98 up to the latest Windows 10. It is quite unique to see the fact that this windows can work in Windows 98 while it is almost none uses this Windows anymore. About the feature, this provides access for viewing the images and make some modifications and editing. There are also some effects to apply when users want to customize the image. This also supports many extension of files, including CRW, PSD, RAW, EPS, and the other formats that usually default apps cannot support.

FastPictureViewerThe other application is FastPictureViewer. This software is great for its automatic features. There are some features that can be set automatic, including feature of instant zooming up to 100% that can be so helpful to see the details of the image, such as the sharpness and color graphic. Then, it is also good in term of file managements, including for transferring files, copying, and saving. The next app is Apowersoft HEIC Photo Viewer. The good news about this software is about its less impact on PC performance. However, it does not mean that this has limited access. in fact, this can support files from some common editing software, such as RAW, PSD, CDR, and other files formats from the editing software.

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