New Waves of Mobile Technology

New Waves of Mobile Technology – Android Instant Apps are exactly what their name refers to: A series of native apps that you can find on any Android devices without prior installation and run instantly. All developers have access to this technology now, regardless of whether you are already working as an Android developer or a new one. The invention of Android Instant Apps is truly a revolutionary one: Users can access an app and give it a shot without him or her having to download and install them beforehand.

The apps are applicable for new Android devices and are compatible with devices running in Android 5 through 8, or API level 21 through level 26. Mobile artificial intelligence is also on the rise. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant may have ruled in this field at the moment however, there are mobile apps out there that have started to implement voice recognition software and AI in order that they can offer a greatly enhanced user experience. Voice recognition technology is utilized to give users an improved hands-free experience while artificial intelligence is filling out the gap the former may not be capable of occupying.;

Mobile security technology is expected to get a boost in order that it can provide enhanced security to help users protect their information and to make sure that transactions are conducted safely. As much as 56% of US consumers believe that their chances of falling prey to fraud and theft increase along with the use of mobile payments. Five percent of those consumers believe that chances of fraud and theft decrease with use of mobile payments. Mobile device must be equipped with security to always maintain your security in online transactions and playing online gambling on sites like, because if data theft occurs it will harm you.

Thirteen percent of US consumers, on the other hand, don’t think that mobile payments make any difference whatsoever. With more and more businesses going online and depending even more on mobile payments, mobile security should see some improvements in the coming years.

Geofencing and location-based services are examples of new technology that mobile apps are using to track their users’ location. New apps will ask for permission to access your current location before you can start using one. However, the trend seems to have expanded to included companies that don’t really rely on location of their users. These services are beneficial to them in that they can help improve their marketing strategies. And there is something called geofencing. It works but pushing notification into users’ phone when said users get into an area that’s geofenced. This type of marketing is expected to increase in its application in 2019.

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