Some of the Best Open Source Software

Some of the Best Open Source Software

Some of the Best Open Source Software you can use:

1. LibreOffice
When you get your hands on this open source alternative, you can say goodbye to paying for Office. The software offers a slew of good apps for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases. It is also compatible with Microsoft file formats so you wouldn’t have a hard time sharing files from the apps to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

This open source photo editor boasts a host of tools, which makes it not only powerful but also flexible. If you’re into photo editing but still thinking that spending your cash for the entire suite of Adobe Photoshop is out of your league, GIMP is the best alternative you can get.

3. VLC Media Player
VLC can handle virtually anything you throw at it. It also comes with a feature of 360-degree playback which allows you to get yourself immersed in a VR headset.

4, Shotcut
Shotcut is perfect for anyone new to the video editing world. It also makes for a great substitute to Windows Movie Maker.

5, Audacity
Audacity is perfect for anyone looking for an audio editor but without enough money to afford the paid-for version. This is great news because even without paying, you get to experience editing audio files with a tool that boasts features and functions that all other software of the same type does.

6. Mozilla Firefox
Even with the ongoing browser wars, Firefox is still emerging as one of the winners due to its flexibility and tons of plugins.

7. KeePass Password Safe
KeePass doesn’t come with fancy design and whatnot. It is, however, chockfull of tools and features. It is also tiny and portable. Thanks to this, you can carry the program on a USB stick and incorporate it to a browser of your preference as well as a cloud storage provider.

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