Some of the Most Popular Apps on Android

Some of the Most Popular Apps on Android

Some of the Most Popular Applications on Android are as follows :

1. SHAREit
SHAREit makes it possible for users to transfer large files in seconds between devices. It is claimed that the app can work at a pace 200 times faster than Bluetooth. And with 771.520 downloads, people seem to agree on this anyway.

2. Facebook Lite
The lighter version of Facebook still offers the same functions as the original app despite some changes in usability. The Lite is dedicated to users of low-end devices (RAM of 1 GB or 2 GB) and others who can only access the data networks of 2G. It’s proven quite popular among users as the 731.282 million downloads show.

3. Dropbox
Dropbox beats competitors such as iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Drive in the battle for the title of the most popular cloud storage service with its 726.182 million downloads.

LINE is currently the second most popular instant messaging app after WhatsApp with 711.278 million downloads. The app thrives in Asian regions with it being among top 5 messaging apps in countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. In North America and Europe, however, the app finds it hard to even get to the top 30. Sbobet site also works with LINE and the chat communication in the sbobet betting application.

5. Viber
Viber is popular in the Western world with 680.635 million downloads and features such as encrypted chat, 250-person group chats, and video calls.

6. Flipboard
Flipboard collates news, compelling stories, and conversations on a topic you prefer. It has 592.048 million downloads.

7. Super-Bright LED Flashlight
It is baffling to see this app among most popular Android apps. All Android phones come with their own built-in flashlight so to see people still need this app is a surprise, even more so with 587.693 million downloads.

8. My Talking Tom
This virtual pet cat app has 578.344 million downloads.

9. Google Translate
Google Translate doesn’t come preinstalled on stock Android, a fact that garners it a total of 568.7465 million downloads.

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