The Most Popular Android Applications among Teenagers

The Most Popular Android Applications among Teenagers

Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the world with more than a million applications. Maybe we are curious, what is the most popular android application? According to the survey, various million Android users in all parts of the world, 50 percent of them represent teenagers. The ease of downloading apps in free Playstore makes attractive teenage couples open themselves by adding unique applications ranging from social media, games, camera tricks, photo editing, and so on. Of the millions of applications that can be downloaded for free in Playstore, which applications are the most popular among teenagers? For teenagers, it is not expressive enough just to listen to music while humming to follow the lyrics. Now Smule is a favorite application where they can sing karaoke like in karaoke places in general. Millions of songs from various genres of music are available in full in this application ranging from pop, rock, jazz, to religious songs. With the Smule application, teenagers can join each other to enable them to sing duets in both sound and video versions. In fact, they can download recorded videos and then share them with other friends. Currently Smule is getting stronger at the top of the karaoke application after capturing more than 100 million users.

Next, after the social media, camera, and comic reader applications have been installed in one smartphone, the free music listening application is the next target of teenagers. Indeed, the lives of teenagers have never been separated from music. It is a special sensation when they can enjoy music from idol singers, not even their mood levels often increase by only listening to favorite songs. Of the many music applications in Playstore, Joox is currently the most popular free music application for teens. The Joox application itself offers interesting music features. In addition to free, thousands of songs in it can be enjoyed both online and offline. The number of downloads that reached more than 50 million times is enough to prove that Joox is more attractive to teenagers than other music applications.

Usually after taking selfie, teens immediately tamper with photos using the photo editing application. The current application they mostly choose is PicsArt. This application was originally only present on PC but now it can be enjoyed by android users through various types of gadgets. PicsArt itself is increasingly loved by teenagers after the presence of text insert, crop, insert sticker and much more. Easy and simple way to edit photos, as well as the presence of more interesting full features, of course it is reasonable if this application has been downloaded by more than 100 million users.

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