Some of the Most Popular Apps on Android

Some of the Most Popular Applications on Android are as follows :

1. SHAREit
SHAREit makes it possible for users to transfer large files in seconds between devices. It is claimed that the app can work at a pace 200 times faster than Bluetooth. And with 771.520 downloads, people seem to agree on this anyway.

2. Facebook Lite
The lighter version of Facebook still offers the same functions as the original app despite some changes in usability. The Lite is dedicated to users of low-end devices (RAM of 1 GB or 2 GB) and others who can only access the data networks of 2G. It’s proven quite popular among users as the 731.282 million downloads show.

3. Dropbox
Dropbox beats competitors such as iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Drive in the battle for the title of the most popular cloud storage service with its 726.182 million downloads.

LINE is currently the second most popular instant messaging app after WhatsApp with 711.278 million downloads. The app thrives in Asian regions with it being among top 5 messaging apps in countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. In North America and Europe, however, the app finds it hard to even get to the top 30. Sbobet site also works with LINE and the chat communication in the sbobet betting application.

5. Viber
Viber is popular in the Western world with 680.635 million downloads and features such as encrypted chat, 250-person group chats, and video calls.

6. Flipboard
Flipboard collates news, compelling stories, and conversations on a topic you prefer. It has 592.048 million downloads.

7. Super-Bright LED Flashlight
It is baffling to see this app among most popular Android apps. All Android phones come with their own built-in flashlight so to see people still need this app is a surprise, even more so with 587.693 million downloads.

8. My Talking Tom
This virtual pet cat app has 578.344 million downloads.

9. Google Translate
Google Translate doesn’t come preinstalled on stock Android, a fact that garners it a total of 568.7465 million downloads.

New Waves of Mobile Technology
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New Waves of Mobile Technology

New Waves of Mobile Technology – Android Instant Apps are exactly what their name refers to: A series of native apps that you can find on any Android devices without prior installation and run instantly. All developers have access to this technology now, regardless of whether you are already working as an Android developer or a new one. The invention of Android Instant Apps is truly a revolutionary one: Users can access an app and give it a shot without him or her having to download and install them beforehand.

The apps are applicable for new Android devices and are compatible with devices running in Android 5 through 8, or API level 21 through level 26. Mobile artificial intelligence is also on the rise. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant may have ruled in this field at the moment however, there are mobile apps out there that have started to implement voice recognition software and AI in order that they can offer a greatly enhanced user experience. Voice recognition technology is utilized to give users an improved hands-free experience while artificial intelligence is filling out the gap the former may not be capable of occupying.;

Mobile security technology is expected to get a boost in order that it can provide enhanced security to help users protect their information and to make sure that transactions are conducted safely. As much as 56% of US consumers believe that their chances of falling prey to fraud and theft increase along with the use of mobile payments. Five percent of those consumers believe that chances of fraud and theft decrease with use of mobile payments. Mobile device must be equipped with security to always maintain your security in online transactions and playing online gambling on sites like, because if data theft occurs it will harm you.

Thirteen percent of US consumers, on the other hand, don’t think that mobile payments make any difference whatsoever. With more and more businesses going online and depending even more on mobile payments, mobile security should see some improvements in the coming years.

Geofencing and location-based services are examples of new technology that mobile apps are using to track their users’ location. New apps will ask for permission to access your current location before you can start using one. However, the trend seems to have expanded to included companies that don’t really rely on location of their users. These services are beneficial to them in that they can help improve their marketing strategies. And there is something called geofencing. It works but pushing notification into users’ phone when said users get into an area that’s geofenced. This type of marketing is expected to increase in its application in 2019.

What to Expect from the Advancement of Mobile Apps Technology in the Coming Years
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What to Expect from the Advancement of Mobile Apps Technology in the Coming Years

What to Expect from the Advancement of Mobile Apps Technology in the Coming Years – Mobile apps are no longer exclusive to big companies. In fact, regardless of its size, it has been some kind of a norm that any business in any industry possesses its own mobile app. In 2017 alone, at least 50% of small business owners had developed a mobile app. It is only a given that in the coming years that number will increase and get bigger. There are any numbers of reasons behind this development: 55% of small business owners claim that developing mobile apps is seen as a way to improve sales while some others view it as a chance to provide customers with improved experience and to make them stay on the market. More and more apps are expected to implement augmented reality in the coming years. Pokémon Go is a perfect example for this case. The app generated more than $1.2 billion in revenue and has been downloaded for 752 times with more than 5 million active users daily. Thanks to this, more companies will try to add augmented reality technology for their apps for a variety of purposes.

Transportation apps will really evolve throughout the coming years. Apps like Lyft and Uber really catch attention due to their helpfulness. But with the presence of apps that offer unique version of modes of transportation, users are being provided with tons of options to choose from. Apps like Limebike and Bird allow people to check out if there are electric scooters around. Once found, the scooters can be unlocked and started just by using the app. Beside the app for transport, people often also spend a time for games online app for entertaning themself, site also provide games app can be access by mobile for playing gambling online.

Mobile Apps Technology

The revenue of mobile apps is through the roof. In 2017, the total revenue of mobile app saw an increase of 35% globally. The global app downloads increased by 13.5%. Apple App Store and Google Play Store contributed to an increase of 6.7% and 16.7%, respectively. By 2020, it is expected that the global app revenue will hit the $189 billion mark. Mobile apps are going to be paired with wearable technology. Wearable saw a rise in 2018; devices such as healthcare monitors, glasses, fitness bracelets, and also smart watches continue to draw in attention. In the meantime, there will be more and more homes controlled with a mobile app. Thermostats, for example, will connect to a Wi-Fi network for users to control remotely. Home security and home appliances can also be operated in similar fashion, right from a user’s smart devices.

Mobile Apps to Look Out for
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Mobile Apps to Look Out for

Mobile Apps to Look Out for, as follows:

  • Facebook
    With at least 4.119 billion downloads, you wouldn’t be surprised by this app comes out on the top of the list. It has been plagued with everything from scandals to privacy breach to the #DeleteFacebook movement; but none of those seem to be enough to dethrone this king of social media. Still, not everyone is happy about this app. It has 10 million one-star ratings at the moment—maybe because it features pointless stuff that no one cares enough about.
  • Facebook Messenger
    Facebook Messenger has 3.408 billion downloads in its pocket. The app’s growing popularity is further enhanced by the availability of bots.
  • WhatsApp
    Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 million and the app now bags a total of 2.979 billion downloads. In 2020 became the most widely used application by the public and the reports that the number of users continues to grow while accessing their gambling site.
  • Instagram
    This mobile app is another one owned by Facebook since its acquisition in 2012. Today, it has hit 1.843 downloads. It has 2 million one-star ratings.
  • Skype
    Claiming that Skype is the best service for video calling is a subject open to debate. It was, however, the first of such service that people widely accepted. And the 1.039 billion downloads is a number that speaks volume in itself.
  • Subway Surfers
    Subway Surfers is a runner game that boasts a total of 1.025 billion downloads.
  • Twitter
    With 833.858 million downloads, Twitter is the third most popular social app on Android after Facebook and Instagram.
  • Clean Master: Space Cleaner & Antivirus
    The app’s 833.739 million downloads comes as a surprise. The developer, Cheetah Mobile, is notorious for piling nag screens and bloatware onto its apps. Plus, RAM cleaner does not seem to be of any help or use beyond hurting the phone.
  • Candy Crush Saga
    The second most popular game on Android earns 805.826 million downloads.
  • Snapchat
    You can argue that Instagram has been ripping off Snapchat for its features and stuff. Still, Snapchat manages to secure its position as one of the most popular apps on Android with 782.837 million downloads and more than 150 million daily users.
Some of the Best Open Source Software
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Some of the Best Open Source Software

Some of the Best Open Source Software you can use:

1. LibreOffice
When you get your hands on this open source alternative, you can say goodbye to paying for Office. The software offers a slew of good apps for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases. It is also compatible with Microsoft file formats so you wouldn’t have a hard time sharing files from the apps to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

This open source photo editor boasts a host of tools, which makes it not only powerful but also flexible. If you’re into photo editing but still thinking that spending your cash for the entire suite of Adobe Photoshop is out of your league, GIMP is the best alternative you can get.

3. VLC Media Player
VLC can handle virtually anything you throw at it. It also comes with a feature of 360-degree playback which allows you to get yourself immersed in a VR headset.

4, Shotcut
Shotcut is perfect for anyone new to the video editing world. It also makes for a great substitute to Windows Movie Maker.

5, Audacity
Audacity is perfect for anyone looking for an audio editor but without enough money to afford the paid-for version. This is great news because even without paying, you get to experience editing audio files with a tool that boasts features and functions that all other software of the same type does.

6. Mozilla Firefox
Even with the ongoing browser wars, Firefox is still emerging as one of the winners due to its flexibility and tons of plugins.

7. KeePass Password Safe
KeePass doesn’t come with fancy design and whatnot. It is, however, chockfull of tools and features. It is also tiny and portable. Thanks to this, you can carry the program on a USB stick and incorporate it to a browser of your preference as well as a cloud storage provider.

With Mobile App Technology Getting Updated, Expect More Convenience Coming Your Way
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With Mobile App Technology Getting Updated, Expect More Convenience Coming Your Way

With Mobile App Technology Getting Updated, Expect More Convenience Coming Your Way – For an app to succeed these days, it needs to be compatible with whatever operating system it is being used on. Developers of mobile apps can use cross platform development tools to make their product a viable option for use regardless of what operating system it runs on. High costs were the reason why developers avoided having to design an app to launch for two biggest mobile operating systems, iOS and Android. Developers would have to come up with two different apps, each of which was only compatible with one OS. These days, however, there is an increase in the amount of apps that can be downloaded across both operating systems. With methods such as PayPal, Google Pay, Venmo, and Apple Pay, mobile payments are all the rage these days. There seems to be no stopping them at this rate; even the banks are launching a version of software that allows users to make payments right within their app.

Augmented reality may be the hottest commodity on the market today but that does not mean that virtual reality is an abandoned technology. VR apps will ultimately require users to own things beyond their smartphones or tablets—a device such as any forms of helmet or goggles. Zion Market Research claimed that by 2022, the global market valuation of virtual reality apps should hit the $26 billion mark. Biometrics eventually finds its way into the world of mobile app. Facial recognition, signature recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprints are all technologies derived from biometrics system. There also some security improvement for protect the confidential data of the members of soccer gambling. Implementation of this technology will only grow larger by the year as part of an effort to improve security.

With Mobile App Technology Getting Updated, Expect More Convenience Coming Your Way

The growth of the cloud market continues to rise at a rate of 22%. Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services control at least 76% of the total revenue from cloud platforms. Cloud-based technology has also seen a rise in its use with mobile apps. User interface on mobile apps should go in a direction that leads them into becoming more simplistic and minimalistic. A mobile app must work fast and be easy to load in order that users can fall in love with it. But that alone isn’t enough: A mobile app should be easy on the eyes as well. That’s why the trend in UI design will see adjustments being applied to make it simple. Confusion on users’ part will increase when an app comes with too many design elements.

The Latest Best Photo Editor Software
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The Latest Best Photo Editor Software

The presence of computers really greatly facilitates human work today. It’s not just work related to the office, also homework and doesn’t forget the assignments given by the teacher at school. In the world of editing photo editing, it also turns out that computers can help you, such as to improve the quality of your photos, provide photo effects, and edit photos into caricatures and others. This time the author wants to discuss about software that can be used to edit photos. Check this out. The first is Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is software specifically for editing photos and giving adobe system feature. This software, commonly known as Photoshop, is considered as the leader in the photo processing market together with Adobe Acrobat. Many digital photographers have used this software. Photoshop was first released in 1990 with the name Photoshop 1.0, but this software cannot be used in all operating systems, it can only be used on Macintosh. This software has complete features for digital photo processing purposes, but not only that Photoshop can now also be used for the purpose of producing images for the worldwide web. The file format that can be read by Photoshop now is PSD, PDD, and PSB.

This time is the image editor software made by MOOII Tech from Korea. This software is named somewhat similar to the previous software, namely photoscape. Unlike Photoshop, which is designed for professionals, photoscape is designed with an easy and fun concept. Photoscape is only available on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Language that is the default language is Korean and English. Photoscape has cool features namely viewer, photo editor, photo-batch editor, page, GIF animation, print, screen capture, color picker, raw converter, and face finder.

The next is photo processing software with a unique name that is pixlr. This software is based on features of photo editors, screen recorders that are connected to browsers, and photo sharing services. Pixlr was created for non-professionals even though this software has levels from easy to difficult, can be used on PCs and gadgets or tablets. Furthermore, there is photo processing software that is also given a unique name, named pixbuilder. This software made by winsoft graphics software can be used on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Pixia is picture processing software for Microsoft Windows operating systems, made by Isao Maruoka. Designed for making anime or manga, the default language of the application is Japanese. That’s a variety of software that can help you edit your photos. Hopefully it can be a useful reference.

Great Free Software Options to Restore Deleted Files
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Great Free Software Options to Restore Deleted Files

There are many things that like to make us inflamed, one of which is when all of our important files are deleted. But, don’t throw everything in front of you first, because below there are some software that might be your helper in an effort to restore deleted files, although sometimes some of this software might not be useful when you (or someone) has formatted the storage several times. However, it never hurts to try, especially if everything on the HDD still feels warm to talk about. So, let’s reveal 4 free software options to restore the deleted files below.

The first software choice that might be worth trying in an effort to restore deleted files came from Recuva, which is part of the Piriform product. This developer from is quite well known for delivering reliable software, and the presence of Recuva can be a good alternative to returning almost all deleted files in the system. There are 4 superior values in this software, but the main thing is the recovery of files that are quite superior, both on the HDD system and external HDD, USB Flashdisk or Memory Card. This software is also claimed to be able to restore files from a damaged disk, although not completely. And besides the free version, they also provide paid options for users who need more features. If you have a MacOs system, DiskDrill may be very worth trying in an attempt to restore deleted files, even though they also provide Windows-based systems. An easy-to-run interface system is sometimes the advantage of the software, moreover, DiskDrill is really quite effective in an effort to restore deleted files.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free is also one of the other excellent alternative software in an effort to restore deleted data, moreover the presentation of this software is quite complete and easy for most users to use. This software can even be quite effective in restoring software because of Hard Drive Failure, or partitions that become RAW. And besides being available for free, this software can also work for a variety of major devices besides system HDDs. So, if you have important files either on an external HDD, USB or a memory card, this software can be the answer. Finally, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, which is very well known as one of the developers that provides a lot of great software. They call it All-in-One Free Data Recovery software that is great for all situations. In essence, with this software, users can quite easily in an effort to recover lost files in several scenarios, including due to formatting errors, partition losses, OS crashes, and virus attacks.

The Most Popular Android Applications among Teenagers
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The Most Popular Android Applications among Teenagers

Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the world with more than a million applications. Maybe we are curious, what is the most popular android application? According to the survey, various million Android users in all parts of the world, 50 percent of them represent teenagers. The ease of downloading apps in free Playstore makes attractive teenage couples open themselves by adding unique applications ranging from social media, games, camera tricks, photo editing, and so on. Of the millions of applications that can be downloaded for free in Playstore, which applications are the most popular among teenagers? For teenagers, it is not expressive enough just to listen to music while humming to follow the lyrics. Now Smule is a favorite application where they can sing karaoke like in karaoke places in general. Millions of songs from various genres of music are available in full in this application ranging from pop, rock, jazz, to religious songs. With the Smule application, teenagers can join each other to enable them to sing duets in both sound and video versions. In fact, they can download recorded videos and then share them with other friends. Currently Smule is getting stronger at the top of the karaoke application after capturing more than 100 million users.

Next, after the social media, camera, and comic reader applications have been installed in one smartphone, the free music listening application is the next target of teenagers. Indeed, the lives of teenagers have never been separated from music. It is a special sensation when they can enjoy music from idol singers, not even their mood levels often increase by only listening to favorite songs. Of the many music applications in Playstore, Joox is currently the most popular free music application for teens. The Joox application itself offers interesting music features. In addition to free, thousands of songs in it can be enjoyed both online and offline. The number of downloads that reached more than 50 million times is enough to prove that Joox is more attractive to teenagers than other music applications.

Usually after taking selfie, teens immediately tamper with photos using the photo editing application. The current application they mostly choose is PicsArt. This application was originally only present on PC but now it can be enjoyed by android users through various types of gadgets. PicsArt itself is increasingly loved by teenagers after the presence of text insert, crop, insert sticker and much more. Easy and simple way to edit photos, as well as the presence of more interesting full features, of course it is reasonable if this application has been downloaded by more than 100 million users.

Latest Virtual DJ Software, Update Videoskins and Scratch DNA

Latest Virtual DJ Software, Update Videoskins and Scratch DNA

Virtual DJ is a DJ application that you can use to learn how to be a DJ without having to use physical equipment such as DJ Controllers, DJ Turntables, and so on. So only with a Mac or Windows desktop you can learn how the basics of DJ are done. This software developed by Atomix Production, provides various options for you to use. Starting from free services (Home Free), then the paid ones start from Home Plus, LE 8, Pro, to business edition. In addition to being able to be used to do DJs independently done on a laptop or desktop, this dj application can also be connected to the DJ Controller so that Virtual DJ can be the player interface in your dj setup.

In terms of appearance or face to face, virtual DJ is user friendly enough to learn, in the initial display when opening this software you will see jogwheels, tracks, playlist windows, window effects, hot cues, looping, etc. This virtual dj display supports high-resolution / DPI screens such as the MacBook PRO retina display, and other monitors. And the appearance of this latest update, when compared to other Dj software like Tractor, and Serato, the high-resolution display can be very helpful, making virtual dj appear clearer than the others. For features, such as other DJ applications, Virtual DJ also has several features such as Scratch that is in the scratch window, mastering, hot cues, effect & loop sections, etc. Regarding the broadcast feature, Virtual DJ provides a feature for you to publish mixes to listeners, which can be via direct PC to PC connection, radio server, or through podcasts. The features that might be somewhat useless but pretty cool are touchscreen, you can do it in virtual dj. So this software supports laptops / desktops that support touch screens / touch screens. Just like on Microsoft Surface.

Latest Virtual DJ Software, Update Videoskins and Scratch DNA

Virtual Dj supports the video skins feature. So when you are playing a mix or djing, by activating this feature you can see automatic video skin that is adjusted to the tempo and bpm so that it looks synchronous. This feature can also help those of you who might work in a small club or resident dj who need easy practical visual. The scratch DNA feature in Virtual Dj is quite interesting, where with this feature you can set the type of scratching you want just from pressing one button. In the setup options you can set how to type the scratching that you will customize. This feature is the same as the one on Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 and Serato DJ.

Latest GPU-Z Software Update Now Can Detect Fake Graphic Cards
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Latest GPU-Z Software Update Now Can Detect Fake Graphic Cards

The GPU-Z software that we usually use to see more detailed specifications about the graphics card on a PC or laptop now has the latest update that is quite surprising. Manufacturers add features that can detect fake graphics cards, especially from the NVIDIA GPU that “looks” the same, but in reality is different. This could be a solution for those who are not sure about the authenticity of their graphics card, because it was once a form of crime for fraudsters who redesigned fake graphics cards into features that were almost similar to what they were imitating.

In the past, graphic card fraud often occurred when mining cryptocurrency exploded, where almost all graphics card stock continued to thin out, even the price offered was very high. Here, the criminals take advantage of the situation, and somehow, they manipulate the old graphics card to be detected as the choice they imitate. In fact, to tempt further potential victims, these criminals put a price that is much cheaper compared to the original series.

For example, as revealed by the WCCFTech website, they found a $ 45 Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, even though there is a much higher price for the former. Well, that’s where the important part of the latest update from GPU-Z software. TPU has finally updated the latest version of GPU-Z to detect this fake GPU, and may be able to help people who have been deceived in an attempt to clarify the situation that they have been tricked.

In the detailed specifications there will be a clear note that this is obviously fake. In addition, we can tell the sellers to include the details of the VGA specifications through the latest GPU-Z, although sometimes the effort can be done for a long time by the seller. Apart from all that, this can be very good news, to at least add to our insight into the affairs of the graphics card, although this will not rule out the possibility that they will be criminalized again in the same way. What’s more, the latest software update also has additional features.

Next, we will discuss about F.Lux. We all probably know that sometimes when the work isn’t done, then we can do it late at night. However, the thing to watch out for when we work at night is the presence of blue light that can suppress melatonin production, preventing our body from winding properly before going to bed and making it more difficult to sleep. For this reason, the presence of software such as F.Lux can be very useful for this. This is especially ideal for those users who often work at night or just like to read on the screen before going to bed, where F.Lux can be a custom modifier to be something fun (or at least in my opinion). When there is a lot of software that has helped overcome this problem, it also helps with eye strain and sleep patterns. F.lux’s presence was perhaps the most important of the group, because this application even brought the topic to the table among the technicians who slowly also began adopting it many years ago.

Recommended Cleaner and Storage Manager for Mac-based PCs

Recommended Cleaner and Storage Manager for Mac-based PCs

Talking about brands of PCs, of course people will think that Apple will be the one of the best brands of PC. All PCs and laptops made by Apple is great in quality and performance. The computers are developed well to provide high level of efficiency and effectiveness in processing all tasks, even the hard tasks such as for designing and gaming. In this case, Mac OS becomes the technology that cannot be separated from this high performance. There are also some kinds of software that can boost the performance of the Mac-based PCs. The software is to help the functions, but there are also some software and applications for maintenance and increasing the performance.

In this case, of course computers will have junk files or caches that cannot be fully removed automatically. Even the best laptop will have the junk files and caches. Unluckily, these cannot be removed or erased easily and they cannot also be kept in the storage. Storage limited space, and it will be full when those unused files and trashes are not removed. There are actually many applications that can be cleaners of those trashes and junk files. However, it is better not to make random choices, since it can affect the PC performance. That is why it is better to choose application that can clean well without bringing burdens for the PC. In this case, CleanMyMac 3 is the recommended app for file and storage managements. So far, this application can be called as the best cleaner and storage manager for Mac-based PC. This app can be best app to clean all junk and old files. This application can scan thoroughly and even the hidden files can be found and they can be cleaned well and perfectly. As what Mac always provides for the users, this can work fast and it also has simple interface, so it will not be too difficult to operate the software.

One of the good point of this app is about its algorithm. The app has improved algorithm to scan all data based on the needs of the users. Users can set various setting and filters for scanning the files. This will be so useful to help users in finding all junk files. Hidden files can also be found easily. custom searches can be used and users can choose what files to erase. Of course, in working and scanning the files, the app can work smoothly without any problems.

Some Recommended Antiviruses for Business Purposes

Some Recommended Antiviruses for Business Purposes

Antivirus is needed for all kinds of computers. All works using PCs and computers will need antivirus. It is because viruses are getting stronger and there are many variations of viruses. There are some viruses who will lonely make the PCs work slowly and make the performance less effective. There are also some viruses that will make some files are corrupted. The worst attacks are ransomware and spyware. There are also crypto-jacking software. These are some of the worst attacks since they will make things collapsed. These viruses are made to gain some money from the infected files and PCs. Of course, for the case of business, these are some dangerous threats. That is why there are some recommendation of antivirus.

The first one is Avast Business Antivirus Pro. As its name, this is antivirus dedicated for business PCs. The antivirus is made and designed to provide real-time protection for the PCs, so business still can work and data flows still can run well. The good news is that this software is able to work well and this will not make the PCs run slower. Compared to the other antivirus, this has better performance without burdening the processing units, and this has been awarded for this sector. Then, this antivirus is also awarded for its great performance in tackling down most of the malwares, including the veracious ones. This antivirus is not only an antivirus, but there are also some kinds of protection, such as Web Shield, File Shield, CyberCapture, Email Shield, and other protection.

The other recommended antivirus is AVG Antivirus Business Edition. As the previous antivirus, this is also designed specifically for business purposes, so its feature is perfect for business PC. This antivirus has great experiences in fighting against viruses and malwares. This also provides integration for some popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. There are also some kinds of protection features to protect data and other useful information.

Internet Download Manager as the Recommended App to Download Files
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Internet Download Manager as the Recommended App to Download Files

In using internet, it is very common to download files. There can be many kinds of files to download and there should be application to manage the downloading process. Actually, each browser can work well in downloading files. There has been default feature from each browser to help users in downloading the file. However, sometimes the feature is not fully helpful. The feature may be able to work as download manager, but they are not good in dealing with speed. For example, it is able to download directly by using Chrome as the browser, but its speed may be slower compared to download by using the third-party download manager. In this case, there are many applications of download manager and IDM or Internet Download Manager is one of the most popular download manager used by the users.

The good point about this download manager is about its auto-popup shortcut. Whenever there are potential files to download, a download icon will appear. This especially works when users open websites with videos or audios. There will be icon appearing and when users want to download the files, they can click the files. Then, usually users can also get some alternatives of quality, such as video resolution and quality. Of course, this will determine the size, but this download manager will provide better speed management. This will be so helpful. Even, this application can be integrated to all kinds of browser, so when this application has got access granted by users, all downloading process will be handled and managed by Internet Download Manager.

Then, this is great since the download process are divided into some partition. This downloading process and management is quite unique since the whole files will be automatically divided and this will make the download process run faster. Users can monitor the download process by seeing in the downloading windows. It is very easy to know the numbers of partition and the progress of download. Duration and size of the files downloaded by the app can also be seen. Even, downloading speed can also be seen. Then, it is very possible to pause the download process and users can resume the download later. This can be useful when actually the time is not enough and it must be continued later. This download manager can handle it. There are also periodical updates to improve the performance of the application. When there are also updates for the browser, developer of this app will also provide updates to make sure that Internet Download Manager will always be compatible and can work well.

Some Recommended App of Image Viewer
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Some Recommended App of Image Viewer

As a photographers or designers, software or app of image and photo viewers are needed. This kind of software is useful and helpful partners in working with images and photos. Of course, each operating system has default software or app for this function. However, sometimes the default app does not provide you with complete features, so you will need additional app to work with those images. In this case, there are some recommendation of applications for image viewers. The good news is that the software recommended below is free to download.

The first one is FastStone Image Viewer. This image viewer is great choice for its functions and compatibility. This software is compatible for Windows platform and this range is quite fantastic. This software can work in Windows 98 up to the latest Windows 10. It is quite unique to see the fact that this windows can work in Windows 98 while it is almost none uses this Windows anymore. About the feature, this provides access for viewing the images and make some modifications and editing. There are also some effects to apply when users want to customize the image. This also supports many extension of files, including CRW, PSD, RAW, EPS, and the other formats that usually default apps cannot support.

FastPictureViewerThe other application is FastPictureViewer. This software is great for its automatic features. There are some features that can be set automatic, including feature of instant zooming up to 100% that can be so helpful to see the details of the image, such as the sharpness and color graphic. Then, it is also good in term of file managements, including for transferring files, copying, and saving. The next app is Apowersoft HEIC Photo Viewer. The good news about this software is about its less impact on PC performance. However, it does not mean that this has limited access. in fact, this can support files from some common editing software, such as RAW, PSD, CDR, and other files formats from the editing software.

Great Software for VPN Services
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Great Software for VPN Services

VPN or Virtual Private Network becomes so useful to deal with some regulations of countries. There are some regulations made by the countries to blocks some sites. These are not only for category of pornographic sites or contents. There are also other sites that are blocked by the counties because these are against the regulations set by the country. Of course, this can be quite problematic since sometimes there are some important information to access in the blocked sites. VPN is the solution for this problems. There are many kinds of VPN services. Even, there is Opera Browser that provides VPN services included in the browser. However, the effectiveness becomes the big questions. Some of the sites can be free, but it is not for all of them.

There are also many applications providing VPN services, but their effectiveness are still things to worry about. In this case, there is HMA! Pro VPN. This VPN is getting more popular lately. There have been big appreciations for the effectiveness of this application in breaking down the blocked sites, so the accesses can be granted. There are some interesting points about this VPN services. This app is paid application, but there are some kinds of packages to choose. It means that people do not need to pay for things that they do not need. They can choose the suitable packages. For example, students can find the suitable packages for them who only need sites with some contents in education.

Software for VPN ServicesThen, HMA! Pro VPN can work in many platforms. This is not only for PC, but it is also for gadget. Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, and even LINUX are compatible with this application. Then, about the security, there is nothing to worry. This app does not access some private data and logs. They only need the IP address and then the private logs are not accessed by them. That is why security and privacy of the owner is protected. Then, there are some supporting features such as 30-days free trials. Then, there is also feature for product after sale. This is given so customers can get money-back guarantee when they are not satisfied as long as it is still in duration of 30 days after the app is bought.


CleanMyMac 3 as the Best App for File and Storage Management

CleanMyMac 3 as the Best App for File and Storage ManagementApple has Mac-based PCs that have great performance. All people acknowledge that most of the PCs from Apple with Mac OS are strong in performance, even it is very strong to handle all kinds of purposes, whether it is for gaming, business, and editing. These are of course supported by the best technology an software used by the Mac-based PCs. In this case, it does not mean that the PCs will not have many junk files. In fact, all PCs will have junk files since the files are used and there can be many trashes made automatically by the PCs. Unluckily, these junk files are bad and this can make the PCs’ performance much slower. That is why these junks must be removed and CleanMyMac 3 is the solution.

CleanMyMac 3 is the latest version of the app cleaner for Mac-based PCs. This software so far is the best app to manage the files and storages. This app can work well with the system of Mac, so this can scan, clean, and manage the files well. With this app, there will be no worries about the junks. All of the junks, old files ,and unused documents can be scanned in details and they can be cleaned, so the PCs can run much faster and better. As the spirit of Mac that provides simplicity and efficiency with high performance, CleanMyMac 3 also has the same spirit. This app is very easy to use, and people only need to use two buttons to make sure that all of the junks are fully removed. Its interface and other features are easy to access, as how Mac makes the PCs easy to use.

There are some great algorithms improved in this latest version of app to make sure that all data can be scanned thoroughly and users will only find the junks and unused or unnecessary files. In this case, users can also do some custom search to find some data that they want to remove. There are some lists of menus and filters to apply in searching the trashes and junks. All hidden files will not safe with this app since this can search every corner of the storage system, so all hidden files are uncovered and the junks can be fully removed.

Types of E-commerce Platforms
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Types of E-commerce Platforms

When talking about e-commerce, it is important to get to know the varieties of type of such business form. Classification of e-commerce business platforms is done by basing it on the model of licensing, the scenario of sales, and the exchange of data. The first would be on-premises e-commerce. The licensing fees for this kind of e-commerce require initial one-time purchase investment. Its advantages include higher levels of customizability, secure data storage, and high performance. Its disadvantages include an initial investment of large size, self-maintenance, and technical knowledge.

The second is SaaS (software as a service) e-commerce. The delivery model of this e-commerce is cloud-based. Applications are managed and hosted in the data center of the service provider. Its advantages include solutions with great affordability, host and upgrade, scalability, and availability. Its disadvantages include limited system control and limited integration with back-end systems. The third type is Fully Managed (FM) E-commerce. The FM e-commerce begins as PaaS (Platform as a Service). It offers software and hardware for e-commerce. Services provided by FM e-commerce include marketing consulting, customer support, data management, image editing, and picture taking. B2B solution is the typical stores that receive FM e-commerce. The sales volume would be used as the licensing model.

The last type of e-commerce would be the open source e-commerce. Open source e-commerce is free of charge, meaning it does not come with licensing fees. Users of this e-commerce are directly responsible for everything from installation, maintenance, security, to configuration of the software right on their own servers. Open source e-commerce calls for technical expertise in terms of web design and development. Its advantages include a system that’s free of charge, a great range of extensions/plugins/add-ons, and higher levels of flexibility. Its disadvantages include requirement of technical knowledge, costs of hosting, and absence of standard integration with back-end systems.

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Getting to Know Some Important Things about Web Design

Getting to Know Some Important Things about Web DesignWeb design involves a specific set of tools and technologies. There are many kinds of tool involved with the activity and their roles depend on the part of process they are used in. Tools for web design are updated regularly over time with addition of newer standards and software. The only thing that remains the same with them would be the basic principles. Graphic editors of both raster and vector types are used by web designers to come up with web-formatted prototypes of imagery and design. Creating websites involves technologies such as W3C standards including CSS and HTML. These standards can be hand-coded or WYSIWYG-generated.

The content of websites can be statically or dynamically generated. Static websites store unique files for each page. The same content would be returned whenever a page is requested. Said content was created once during the process of designing the website. The content would be authored manually but some websites resort to automated process. The latter method became popular in 2015 when software such as Adobe Muse and Jekyll popped up. A static website can be hosted in a much simpler way because its server only serves static content. Pages can be served quickly and server hardware costs much lower.

Dynamic websites use server-side technology to generate pages and the generating process is done on the fly. The content of these websites is extracted from at least one back-end database. When a dynamic website is designed, static pages are often used to create the mockup or the wireframe of the dynamic pages. Dynamic pages call for a skillset that is much broader than static pages. Typical languages used to develop dynamic web pages are ASP, PHP, or Perl. PHP and ASP use template approach: a server-side page that looks just like the structure of a complete page on the client side is used and data would then be inserted into the page using tags as guides.

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A Short Story about the Evolution of Web Design

A Short Story about the Evolution of Web DesignMicrosoft launched its own first competitive browser in 1996. The browser in question came complete with its very own tags and features. At the time of its release, the browser was also the first to include supports for style sheets, an authoring technique that was viewed as something obscure back then. The HTML markup for tables was initially meant for viewing tabular data. Designers quickly acknowledged that HTML tables can be used to create multi-column, complex layouts, which were something that was rather impossible to do back then. This was at a time when good markup structure was overlooked in favor of good esthetics and web accessibility and semantics were things that were paid little attention to.

Websites using HTML had limited design options. Complex designs were created by web using table structures that were complicated or blank spacer.GIF images in order that empty table cells could stop collapsing. In December 1996, CSS was introduced by the W3C as a means to support layout and presentation. HTML code benefitted from CSS in that it can be semantic instead of being both semantic and presentational. It also improved web accessibility.

Flash (known as FutureSplash back then) was developed in 1996. Flash content development tool at the time was way simpler compared to what it is today. It used basic drawing tools and layout, an early version of ActionScript, as well as a timeline. However, these features made it possible for web designers to work with things beyond HTML, JavaScript, and animated GIFs. Still, Flash required a plugin. And because of this, web developers were reluctant to use it out of fear of limiting market share caused by lack of compatibility. As a result, designers resorted to gif animations and JavaScript to make widgets. Flash found popularity in specific target markets and has since become a common mainstay in many browsers.


Some Tips to Do Before Buying Domain

Some Tips to Do Before Buying Domain

Many people use website. Websites have important role nowadays. There are many kinds of things accessed through websites. People can find information and even buying stuffs by accessing the websites. In this case, maybe you are also interesting to have your own website. It is a good thing when you want to have it, but you need to make several consideration and considering or choosing the domain is the important one. Domain can be called as the address of your website. When people want to visit your website, they will need the domain and its extension. Because it has important role, of course you cannot choose or make domain name randomly. There should be good consideration about it.

The first thing is to consider the target of audience. It is important to consider this point. Of course, you have certain goals or targets when you decide to make website. In this case, your decision and goal may also have correlation with the target of audience. It means that you need to consider who are the readers or customers visiting the websites. It can be based on the age, gender, profession, and other things. You need to specify this things, so the domain can be easier to be found by your readers or target of audience. Then, if it is about business, it is better for you to consider your area. For example, if your business are for customers or audiences in California, you can include this town in the domain name, such as “Californiacarrental”. This will help audience in finding your website.

Then, when you are going to make domain name, you need to consider its length. This is important and it is better to have short domain. It can be better if it is easy to remember. This will be more effective compared to the longer name of website. People may be less interesting to type the name of the website. With more characters, people may also be hard to remember and memorize the domain. Of course, although you are going to make short domain, it does not mean that you can make similar domain to certain famous domain name. Some people may think that this is effective, but it is not true at all. It will not be effective and sometimes people will not remember it. The same case also happens when you choose slang word as the domain name. This may make people less interested to visit the website, although it may sound good or interesting. It is better to have shorter domain with your own creativity, and it is better to use the good spelling.

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